44th VSU Archives
2000 to 2001

Foot & Mouth can sure disrupt Scouting ... but only if you let it!

The foot & mouth epidemic made any rural based Scouting activities in the UK nigh on impossible to organise. Infact, the Scouting movement issued a short-term ban on any activities which might involve the countryside! Special risk assessments and precautions had to be taken if expeditions were to be planned for overseas. Out of all of the EU community, only our friends over the Irish Sea were at all welcoming, so the summer expedition headed west!

Eire Expedition 2001 - Hot Beara days and wild Gaelic nights!
Venture 44 Edition 89  (web-based version)

Annual Report 2000-2001

Dartmoor 2001 - a personal view by Dan Dales

Venture 44 Edition 88  (published October 2000) - A Word from the Chairman (Matt Key), Scotland 2000 Summer Expedition Report