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2009 to 2010

Unit Chairman:  Iain Murphy
Unit Vice-Chairman:  Zak Hinds

ESL:  Phil Brown
AESLs:  Pete Lloyd & Andy Faulkner
Helper:  Celia Brown

History is gossip that has grown old gracefully.....

The Rogues Gallery below shows membership at its lowest since back in the early 1980s. The unit we fear may be standing at the crossroads of its very existance. A bleak assessment but the ESL feels that unless we can combat the combined attractions and pressures of the exploding older teenage socialising scene, the expanding school-backed DofE club and the 'traditional' yet mis-conceived image that still dogs the unit and Scouting in general, then the 44th may soon be closing its doors for the final time. Numbers in the unit are key - and recent recruitment drives have not met with much success and little interest - except from those in years 7 & 8 who are too young (by Scout rules) to become members of an Explorer Unit. Perhaps a little 44th 'defiance' is yet again called for?

The Autumn term kicked off with a flurry of activities. The annual involvement in the 5 Valleys Walk (raising funds for the Meningitis Trust) and Dragon Boat Races at South Cerney were enjoyed by a committed few. A 3-day hike was undertaken during the October half term; a 'circular' route out from the Scout Hut taking in Cooper's Hill, Cranham, Painswick, Stroud, Standish Wood, Harescombe, Brookthorpe and back to the Scout Hut. The hike was extremely well organised and led by Chairman Iain, who further applied his enthusiasm to the annual Children in Need Quiz Night.

Unfortunately these high points did not bring in the additional numbers the Unit is so badly needing to ensure its future health and when Iain, understandably, had to redirect his energies totally to his impending examinations and their necessary revision, a key driving force within the unit's members was lost.

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