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Unit Officers:  Chris Sullivan & Hugo Chapple

ESL & Helper:  Phil & Celia Brown

The Year of the Wasps!

The unit numbers have dwindled to a small group of friends ... but they have shown resolve and determination to build up the 44th to its former glories. No summer trip - instead Sully mobilised his team - and family! - to repair and smarten up the "Hut". Much painting inside and out; a long-overdue clear-out and re-ordering of the unit stores and store cupboard; old favourites in the furniture line long-condemned and eaten by woodworm consigned to the bonfire; guttering and drain pipes repaired to gush the heavy rains away from the building instead of into it; the main door step replaced, sealed and painted; the BBQ patio finally completed and a huge amount of the "Mound" dug out and removed to various sites around the school field.

By the time the new school year was underway there still remained a few key areas needing attention but at least the concerted effort had got things moving - thanks mostly to Chris Sullivan's quiet determination to set things back in order and put the 44th back firmly 'on the map' as an integral part of the school's extra-curricular and character-building activities.

Oh yes; this year the local wasp legions made the roof and cavity wall space of the hut a fortress for their legions - the canoe shelter was declared a "no-go" area as the little black and yellow perils swarmed in and out of the hut through a couple of unused bolt holes in the concrete support pillars. A quiet background hum that was not electrical told of their ever-increasing presence! Fortunately only a few itinerants managed to squeeze their way inside via the light fittings. Casualties (on the Explorer side) were painful but light.

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