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Who's Who of the 44th

Official Members of the 44th for the year 2004-2005 ....

Sam Coe - Chairman 2004/2005
Having served as Secretary from 2002 to 2004, now brings to bear his experience in the role of chairman of the unit; with his individual ideas and leadership qualities, Coe-ee also has a great singing voice which he is not afraid to share!
Distinguishing features: Muscular; Buff
Nickname: Coe-ee
Chris Gallant - Unit Secretary 2004/2005
Known to many as "Chrissy G" but also goes by name of "Happy Hands" - but that's a story for another time. With his wide smile and unconventional ways, Chris is just Chris. Good at organising big public events such as school Quiz Nights & Assembly. Deserved promotion to School Captain, although some say that power has gone to his head!
Distinguishing features: Wide smile, Ken Docherty quiff
Nicknames: Chrissy G; Happy Hans
Sam Johnson - Quartermaster 2003/2004/2005
Sam continues to be an efficient unit kit manager although there are still some who say he's still just a little power crazy. Even so, Sam brings great qualities to the group, even though some judge him as being 'over enthusiastic' at times! His inventiveness has brought some exciting moments to unit meetings - such as the bomb diffusing event at a Golden Welly Challenge!
Distinguishing features: Extreme music tastes (if that counts as a distinguishing feature)
Nickname: Bud
Richard Ellison
Rich is competitive and cheery like a little sport elf. Musically talented - his wind arrangements have brought the house down on numerous occasions (although not recommended in the close confines of a hike tent). Always reliable and in the thick of it when adventurous activities are planned!
Distinguishing features: Big scar on thigh; blond rugby physique
Nicknames: Sheepy; Rich
Robin Griffiths
Unconventional. Not very conversational - the quieter member of the unit. His opinion however is often sought and highly valued. Has a disconcerting habit of just 'appearing' at your side - just like Lurch from the Addams Family! Loves a drop o' the black stuff - after several doses his Hyde-like alter ego Bob the Adventurer has been known to take over control!
Distiguishing features: Tall; Cheesey grin
Nicknames: Rob; Lofty
Adam Lewis
A valued member of the unit. Participates in all unit events - specialities being Lawn Darts (reigning unit champion), Dragon Boat Racing and D of E. Unofficial Unit Photographer - can always be relied on to get that compromising shot!
Distinguishing features: Gerbil features; not tall
Nickname: Huey
Robert Hayes
Interested in sports, especially football. Likes comedy and action films. When using sharp implements, must have first aider standing by - "Hmmm, this knife looks sharp ...."! Always seems to be skint when it's his round. Fond of Nessie.
Distinguishing features: Innocent expression and happy smile
Nickname: Rob
Daniel Whisson
Daniel is the natural hard man of the unit, with his nail biting, tooth slashing and milk drinking ways he has become the rebel of the unit. And just remember, never shake his hand after a viewing of Road Trip!
Distinguishing features: Wears glasses; skinny genius
Nickname: Dan
Awaiting photo Paul Edwards
Very sporty; very random; likes rugby & cricket. Easy going and friendly personality, Paul has proved a good team player to date.
Distinguishing features: Random knowledge; craziest hair apart from Joycey
Nicknames: Eggy; Eggman; Pablo
Andrew Faulkner
Drifted our way from the 51st Scout Group and has been granted "joint nationality" - or is it "asylum"? - under the nebulous Explorer Scout membership rules. Always trying out something new with computer peripherals.
Distinguishing features: Diminuitive stature, flitting movements
Nickname: Mouse
Awaiting photo
Chris Stevens
New member this year - rather quiet with occasional bursts of speed
Distinguishing features: Long, straight, curtain hair style
Nickname: Kit
Rich Young
Falls asleep anywhere! Rich has now made his mark in the unit, his 'coming of age' being the Orkney Trip 2004. Anything needs climbing up, on or into - then send for 'Little Rich'!
Distinguishing features: Wears glasses sometimes; cheery and cheeky smile;
Nicknames: Little Rich; The Monkey
Awaiting photo
Matt Barns
Qualified Life Guard; doesn't say much in public but smiles a lot; likes climbing things and losing shoes on Dutch barn roof;
Distinguishing features: Mr Cool
Nicknames: Shadow; Barnsey
Josh Powell
New member; the description 'Gentle Giant' springs to mind - we'll see!
Distinguishing features: Larger-than-life looming presence & happy visage!
Nicknames: Josh; Coal-in; plus what his little sister calls him but I promised not to publish here!!
Willam Gilbert
Appears to have a water fetish - main sporting activity is rowing; tall, strong but definitely not the silent type!
Distinguishing features: Tall! Big feet!
Nicknames: Big Will; Bigfoot
Andrew Woolhead
Into martial arts - has a nice array of coloured belts to prove it!
Distinguishing features: Hair colour (ginger); small of stature;
Nicknames: Woolly; Wool-Head
Gareth Evans
Another recent joiner from year 9; tries hard to get his peers to remain sensible - without much luck!
Distinguishing features: Young bespectacled Chuckle Brother??
Nickname: Gaz
Luke Harris
Peripheral member recently acquired - awaiting development!
Distinguishing features: Blond;
Nicknames: Chopper
Stephen Duxbury
The "baby" of the unit being officially under age for Explorers
Distinguishing features: Innocent 'baby-face' (we'll soon change that!)
Nickname: Dukes
Matthew Berry
Occasional attender - camera shy!
Distinguishing features: tbd
Nicknames: New-berry
Awaiting photo