John D Holdaway   MA  JP
Headmaster 1990

John Holdaway came to Sir Thomas Rich's as Head of Mathematics in September 1967. He quickly became involved in the life of the School, singing in the Choral Society and as treasurer of the Bus Fund and the School Fete Committees. It was not long before he took charge of the School Timetable and of all examinations, tasks he discharged efficiently and imaginatively for many years. John Holdaway was an extremely good and popular teacher whose pupils achieved excellent examination results.
His outstanding leadership qualities were appreciated by the staff in his department and later experienced by all when he became Deputy Head in 1984. Even though he was due to retire at the end of the 1989-90 academic year, he was the obvious and deserved choice to take on the reigns of Headmaster and his short tenure provided continuity and a sound bridge between Gordon Heap's retirement and the incoming Tony Jarvis in September 1990.
Outside of school he enjoyed family life and served as a Justice of the Peace.
Richians of his era were saddened by his sudden death in October 2016.

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Part Academic Year - January to August 1990
School Captain:   Nicholas J Easen
Cock House:   Southgate
Richian 1990 - The Richian school magazine, including: School Captain's report; Editorial; PA; Farewells to - Mr Heap (Headmaster), Mr J Holdaway (Headmaster/Deputy Head), Mr R Tucker, Mr Jamieson, Mrs Burslem; Welcome to - Mr I Hodgkinson, Mr J W Thompson, Mr L North, Mr G Cappi, Mr S Smallwood; Music at Sir Thomas Rich's; Library report; Society news; First Year activities; 'A Personal View of the Popular Sport of Architecture' by Iain Roberts; 'Go Hike The Canyon - And Have A Nice Day' by Frank Henderson; 'Dulce et Decorum Est'; Rugby, Basketball, Cross-Country & Cricket; Old Richians' Association.
Venture 44 Edition 64 - 44th VSU magazine covering My First International by Panji Grainger, Eat Your Heart Out Magnus Magnusson, Bed Race 1990, Which Mountain Bike, Local News, Transatlantic Experience Part Three.
Venture 44 Edition 63 - 44th VSU magazine covering Wet & Windy Wales, The Cotswold Marathon, Turning Over a New Leaf, Camp Craft, Transatlantic Experience Part Two, From Rich's to Rags & As Easy As Shelling Peas.
Venture 44 Edition 62 - 44th VSU magazine covering Wehater - A Bad Spell of Weather, In the Swim, Transatlantic Experience Part One, Raft Race 1989 & Camp Craft.
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