Student Galleries

While every endeavour is made to display student art work around the school premises - which certainly provides interest and colour along the corridors and in the art studios themselves, opportunities for the students to display major items are few and far between.

Each year Mr Lockey and Mrs Cormack-Hicks organise an official showing of exam and course work pieces to coincide with the exam board's moderation visit - this has proved very successful and many thanks to RJL & MCH for the hard work and extra hours they put in at the most busiest time of year in order to celebrate the ideas and creations of their students. The results are often more intesting and varied than some of the professional galleries I have visited.

I hope you enjoy the pictures included here in the "on-line" Student Gallery - and may I point out that what you see here is just the mere tip of a very large iceberg of artistic talent that runs throughout the school.

Student Gallery 1

Student Gallery 2