Aachen Work Experience Exchange - Europäische Berufspraktika in Aachen

3 - 10 April 2005

Wir sind nach Aachen Deutschland gefahren, um unseres Deutsch zu verbessern. Wir haben mit Gastfamilien geblieben und haben ein Arbeitspraktikum gemacht. Es war interessant, um andere Leben zu sehen und mit einen deutschen Farnilie zu wohnen.

In April 2005 a few German students embarked on a journey, with Mr Brown in tow, to Aachen in Germany for a week's work experience. We each had exchange partners and stayed with our partner's families. My partner's name was Carolina Jeruselem and I found her family extremely friendly and accommodating. I did my work experience in the 'Katholische Grundschule', the local catholic primary school. I really enjoyed this experience despite the fact that school started at 8 o'clock in the morning!

The school day seemed to be very short compared to that in England with school finishing before 1 o'clock on most days. This meant I had plenty of time in the afternoons to go shopping and wander round the beautiful town of Aachen. In the evenings there was plenty to do including a local fayre, the Lindt chocolate factory and trips to the cinema.

I really enjoyed my week in Germany, I learned lots of new vocabulary and it was a unique opportunity to sample the culture of Germany first hand. My work placement gave me the chance to experience what teaching in a foreign language would be like and I really enjoyed working with the children. I would recommend doing a work placement in a foreign country and would definitely return if I had the chance.

Theresa Turner

Theresa - Lehrerin bei der Katholischen Grundschule Höfchensweg

Brunnen Mann

Herr Weitz peddling CDs at the Mayor's Reception!

Die Austausch-Gruppe

Abendsessen zum goldenen Schwann

Harry at the Fitness Studio

Trying out the equipment!

Jon the Graphic Designer

Martin Coe at the Architect's Office

Prost! - Teachers night out!!

Puppen Brunnen

Stu beim Kindergarten

The children's farewell gift for Stu!

Tony Blair demanding his money back (photo in Rathaus)

Theresa - Lehrerin

At the Mayor's Reception in the Weiss Raum im Rathaus

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