Aachen Work Experience Exchange - Europäische Berufspraktika in Gloucester

9 bis 13 Januar 2006

This week ten Aachen students from the Pius Gymnasium school visited and took up various work experience positions in and around Gloucester. Some found themselves working as teacher assistants in several junior and primary schools, a couple worked at local hotels getting a broad experience of hotel operations; architectural design offices provided worthwhile placements for two others and one gained a thorough and interesting insight into the graphics design and commercial printing industry at SevernPrint.

The work experience providers were well impressed with their charges, especially their extensive command of the spoken English language. The school wishes to thank those schools and businesses which undertook the German students' work experience provision and especially those people directly involved in their supervision.

Stephanie & friends

Karolina pulls a pint for a customer at The Holiday Inn

Hendrick at DSC Architects

Ben with his Restaurant Manageress at The Moat House Hotel

Julian at Elmbridge

Stephan & Julia at Longlevens

 Aachen Work Experience Exchange - Europäische Berufspraktika in Aachen

25 März bis 2 April 2006

Here are some of the many photographs snapped during a wonderful week in Aachen.

The whole lovely group

Killing time in a cafe at the Kölner Hauptbahnhof

Anita, Sinéad & Ray enjoying the "Continental Scene"

Aachen Cathedral - still with restoration works!

Euro-Treff im Goldenen Schwann

Herr Brown mit die Deutsche Lehrerinnen

Chris at his Work Placement

Exercising at the Drinks Counter

Noch eine neue Freundin für Chris!

Jess and her new friends

Looking for signs of Spring

Unterwegs zum Park

Anita im Tierpark

Anita macht die Pferdestall sauber

Ein interessantes Schwein

Ray & James in der Katholischer Grundschule

Sinéad & Nicola in Kindergarten St Jakob

Mit Austauschpartner und -partnerinen vor der Puppenbrunnen

Waiting for the return flight at Köln-Bonn Flughafen

Ray's "Mad Photo Moment"

The whole gang!

Other MFL trips

Article and Photos - PJB & die Austauschpartnern