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From Russia ... with Love!

Suddenly inundated with newsletters out of Russia from our much-loved ex-chairman Matt Key! (His lengthy missives finally clearing censorship review!)
Otherwise another tidy year on the charity fund-raising front despite the school now insisting we divert 50% of our "profits" - ie the charity's designated money - to school funds for " ... use of school facilities, etc ..." Perhaps fair enough but ... First the Tuck Shop taken off us, now eroding into our charity giving. What next? The ESL was very animated (read "ANGRY" - ESL) over this at the AGM.
Otherwise the unit continues to enjoy a varied and entertaining Friday night programme of events, although concerns have been raised on a few occasions about the minimal amount of training being completed and a lack of focus on what some might call the 'traditional Scouting activities' (although we did have a very successful knotting challenge one meeting!)
Some exciting possibiities for summer expedition plans unfortunately did not come to fruition. Shame. (Although the 'To Russia to find Mattski' suggestion was perhaps a little too over-optimistic!)

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