The Oxford Dictionary defines "news" as being:

So although one could argue that what is referenced here no longer pertains to the recent, these items were certainly considered at their time noteworthy of publication and, as historical records so often do, yield to us new found informations, giving insight into the lives and times of our ancestral Richians.

Over the years the local and (at times) national presses have reported on successful and newsworthy exploits of Richians, both young and not so young. The Headmasters of Tommies have from time to time felt the obligation to keep scrapbooks in which to paste such items. These scrapbooks of press cuttings, scanned and rejigged, are available here in this 'STR News Archive' section, together with other sources of published and broadcast School "News", chiefly generated by the school itself.

Access into each part of the news archive is either by clicking directly on the item heading or otherwise selecting from the drop down menus under a heading; in each case a new tab will be opened.

Miscellaneous Items of News

"Future Stars Shine at 'Chance to Compete'" - Press release by PCR on behalf of School, 15th September 2012

"Eight Heading for Oxbridge" - 'The Citizen' article 14th January 2003